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Find out more about each of our Refill Revolution shops!

Here at Refill Revolution, we want to make your life easier, we know you're busy and have a thousand things to do. Hourly. Finding time to learn how to reduce our impact on the planet takes time, energy and thought processes that few of us have the brain capacity for.

We hear you. We can help. We've done the research, and sought out truly ethical suppliers, with sustainable products, that can all help to do our bit.

Our aim is to support local businesses wherever possible, and only stock brands that we believe in, who create products we adore.

Each of our shops and franchisees are on that journey with us, together with our customers. Our team members love to chat about the products we stock, or switches you'd like to make, to help you to reduce waste.

We love a challenge too! So just shout if there's something you'd like to see in our shops and our eager beavers (well, Beth) will do all the research to source the best there is.

So, welcome along to Refill Revolution, here is a little introduction to each of our shops & where to find them.

Our Shops: About


Become a Franchisee

Would love to see a refill shop in your local area? Sure. We would too.

We have a number of start-up & on-going support options available for francisees, and would love to help you set up your own zero waste shop.

Message us for a call back about becoming a franchisee and let's bring the revolution to your town or city.


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