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All of our liquid refills use natural ingredients, are vegan friendly and cruelty free.   We sell by weight, so you can buy as little, or as much as you need.

We stock Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner, shower and bath gel in a variety of scents as well as a fabulous range of Fill products – these are fully circular, local, vegan friendly and AMAZING.  Don’t be fooled by the ‘zero-waste’ knock offs – come and experience the original refill concept and watch us fill your bottles from our huge, returnable 200 litre barrels!

The majority of our liquids d are from Fill.  They operate a fully circular system (and they're based in Northamptonshire!). We’ve learned a lot in the (almost) 5 years we’ve been doing business and have switched to the brands that we think have the best ethics. 

We are happy to fill your containers with any of our liquids providing they have been washed first.  If you're refilling with the same liquid, your container doesn't need to be totally empty because we will always weigh it first.

Liquid refills: Sale
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