Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Laura Mitulla
Excuse me for going on about my new sign


It might surprise you to learn that Market Harborough is actually a market town; there is a subtle giveaway that can fool even the most sharp-witted of us all.

Steeped in tradition, Harborough's market has been in the town for over 800 years and can be traced back to 1204. For centuries, the local community have frequented the market for their fresh meat, fish, fruit and veg; and in more recent times, a whole host of other foods, eateries, household goods, craft supplies, clothing and antiques. It's a treasure trove of delectable local businesses!

Harborough Market was revamped in 2014, with the current Food Hall, in particular, undergoing a major refurbishment. And that's where you'll find our original Refill Revolution shop.

After a trial Pop-Up stall at Nature's Pantry to test the waters with residents of Market Harborough, the overwhelming support meant securing a more permanent home at Harborough Market, a venue that prides itself on offering start-up and fledgeling businesses access to prime retail space. So we couldn't think of a better place to start our Refill journey than the heart of the community, in the very centre of the town. 

And so, this has been our home since 2018, where every Friday and Saturday you can take along your empty containers and refill from our core range of dry foods and household liquids.

Perfect for stocking up those pantry essentials, staple meal ingredients, and all your cleaning liquids such as laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, washing-up and dishwasher liquid (plus dishwasher tablets, too!), among several more everyday necessities.

We have a key selection of our household goods available here too, including essentials such as toilet rolls, washing-up brushes, eco-tins and containers, plus reusable coffee cups & drink bottles too. Handy if you're grabbing a bite to eat from one of the wonderful food stalls whilst visiting the market!

Being given such a tremendous opportunity to feel part of the Market community, in turn, we feel passionate about supporting other local businesses too. So here at the Market, we stock the ever-popular Fill range of cleaning liquids, utilising their fully circular glass bottle and refill systems, all made and produced just up the road in Northamptonshire! They are a fantastic company to work with and a great introduction to zero-waste living if you're just starting on your sustainability journey. We're very proud to stock them on our stall here.

Maria heads up our Harborough Market team. We say team, it's just Maria. But with an international career working for leading retail brands, followed by running her own business in the town for several years, she works at a hundred miles an hour and IS the equivalent to a team of twenty people. Take charge, forthright, a million ideas, even more opinions, sourdough-baking, sustainable-living specialist, and compassionate-beyond-words; that's our Maria. (And we'd be completely lost without her, so don't even try to take her away).

Our Refill Revolution shop at Harborough Indoor Market is open 9am - 4pm Fridays and Saturdays, just grab your empty containers and Maria will do the rest!

Harborough Market can be found in St Mary's Place shopping precinct and can be accessed here (just next door to Wilkinsons and Sainsbury's), or via the Northampton Road entrance too.